Academy Page Designer


Funding amount


Start date

October 2022


4 months


This grant will fund the production of all web designs to be used across the Academy Page website and POAPs. Grant production includes: 4 Full Page Designs, 4 Dropdown Designs, and 10 POAP designs. This Grantee is working closely with other Academy Page Grantees to integrate the designs and build out the best possible product.


As part of the Academy Page Project, designing the website to provide a welcoming and familiar environment to dYdX users will be critical to its success. This designer has existing experience with dYdX, having designed the Hedgies NFTs and other assets within the dYdX ecosystem, which helps us maintain consistency in design styles across all platforms. Overall, the goal is to create a web3 native Academy Page that has the feel and interactive touch of a modern crypto webpage, moving away from traditionally plain academy pages.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion

Impact & Metrics