Academy Page Editor


Funding amount


Start date

December 2022


6 weeks



This grant will fund the initial production of content to be published as part of the upcoming Academy Page release. The grantee will publish 5 new articles, peer-review 5 articles written by co-Editor, work with a visual artist to design the article graphics, and publish social media briefs for the Academy account. In total, 10 articles are being published by both grantees.


We are aiming to launch the Academy Page with fresh, relevant content that helps onboard new users to dYdX with a welcoming approach. This content will be specifically aimed at welcoming new users and improving the experience. The editor role will grow from here to allow additional contributors to submit content as issued by the Editor. We hope to make this a community initiative that drives engagement and content creation.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion

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