C++ Trading Client


Funding amount


Start date

December 2023


1 month


This grant will fund the development and support of a C++ client designed for trading on dYdX v4. The team has finished building a proprietary client in C++ for programmatic trading on. Through this grant, the team will redesign their code to make it more accessible for everyday traders, and ultimately open source the client for public use. $25,000 will be paid out for the development and open-sourcing of the client, and the remaining $5,000 will be paid to support the codebase for an additional six months. We expect changes to be needed and issues to appear in that period.


Trading clients help improve the onboarding and continued usage of dYdX from programmatic traders. With the migration to Cosmos, dYdX introduced a few unique requirements to execute trades via programs. By open sourcing their work, Fast Forward will be providing a performant C++ client for dYdX traders. We hope to see more traders onboard and interact with dYdX thanks to this client.

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