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August 2022




The grants team engaged Chaos Labs to onboard as a service provider through a formal agreement: The scope of work included a New Asset Listing portal, LP Reward Reporting and Analysis, and a Market Maker Risk portal. After starting work, dYdX announced the transition to v4, including updates that clashed with these deliverables (new assets paused and potential sunsetting of LP rewards). In response, the agreement was put on pause to negotiate its continuation and possible repurposing to a new scope. Chaos had already completed $300,000 in deliverables by the time it was paused, making them entitled to this compensation. After exploring alternatives, we have decided to terminate this engagement in favor of other projects with Chaos.


At the time of grant start, launching new assets and enabling more market makers was a top priority for the protocol. Those priorities suddenly changed with the announcement of dYdX v4.

After exploring methods of repurposing this agreement, we’ve agreed with Chaos that a termination in favor of new projects (with a different structure) would be favorable. With that said, both the DGP and Chaos are committed to making productive use of the previous deliverables. The New Asset listing platform and Market Maker portal can be repurposed for v4, and are now being leveraged for future projects. The LP reward research was used for a successful governance proposal.

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