Chinese Content and Marketing (ODaily)

Funding amount


Start date

March 2024


3 months



Odaily is one of the largest blockchain media firms serving the Chinese speaking market throughout China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Odaily boasts 1.5m unique visits per month across multiple platforms. This grant will bring extensive knowledge of dYdX to the Chinese speaking market, enabling user growth and positioning dYdX as the go-to platform to be used by traders in Asia. The DEP reserves the right to adjust the contract at any time or under certain conditions exit the marketing agreement. Engagement will be tracked by the dYdX team via custom link. 


  1. Craft 1 original article for dYdX.
  2. Translate and publish 6 lengthy English articles from dYdX's official channels into Chinese, and synchronize with Chinese media channels.
  3. Publish at least 15 short news updates for market synchronization.
  4. Organize WeChat AMA events, establish and maintain a new official WeChat community for dYdX.
  5. Send dYdX customer news to all online users through the Odaily App six times.
  6. Create marketing posters for dYdX's major milestones.
  7. Provide end-to-end design, including cooperation with media and community for invitations and distribution.
  8. Offer comprehensive strategic support for dYdX project activities, with full coverage on websites and social media.
  9. Conduct public opinion monitoring, coordinate publicity schedules and partnerships, and provide public relations information and recommendations.
  10. Utilize industry-specific resources for KOL and other strategic partnerships.
  11. Distribute important content to 30+ blockchain communities, share in Odaily staff's WeChat moments and other social circles, and further distribute on Twitter and Telegram.
  12. Offer long-term custom content columns for dYdX on Odaily to enhance brand visibility.
  13. Promote dYdX brand, logos, and information on Odaily's app and website discovery page.


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