Chinese Speaking Content and Marketing

Funding amount


Start date

March 2024


3 months


WuBlockchain is one of the top blockchain media outlets serving the Chinese speaking market. WuBlockchain boasts a multichannel readership of over 1 million, bringing global industry news into the hands of crypto enthusiasts. The grant will help make dYdX a household name in Chinese speaking markets, providing traders with advanced knowledge and key insights.The DEP reserves the right to adjust the contract at any time or under certain conditions exit the marketing agreement. Engagement will be tracked by the dYdX team via custom link. 


  1. Craft a comprehensive brand narrative for dYdX as it enters the Chinese target market.
  2. Leverage WuBlockchain's brand credibility and media influence to enhance brand awareness.
  3. Achieve effective conversion of both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) users.
  4. Provide extensive support for dYdX's brand development through:some text
    • Comprehensive content creation
    • Public relations and communications
    • Resource connections
    • Various other services
  5. Assist dYdX in expanding its influence in the Chinese market.
  6. Establish dYdX as a leading brand in the field of Defi (Decentralized Finance) protocol.
  7. Reach over a million users with in-depth knowledge about dYdX, including usage methods and background.
  8. Bring in a substantial user base, exceeding 10,000 users; build and support the dYdX planned Chinese community chat. 


  • 1 long form interview about dYdX Chain (5000 word min) (1 time)
  • 1 interview (1 time)
  • 4 news flash per month (dYdX news update) 
  • 2 KOL collaborations per month (AMA or YouTube video, long Twitter thread) 
  • Create and grow dYdX WeChat with support from the DEP


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