Copy Trading Bot

Funding amount


Start date

May 2024


4 months


This grant will fund the development of an open-source copy trading bot for dYdX users to engage in different trading strategies that mirror those of popular, active, and/or profitable dYdX addresses. The bot will screen for active traders, their strategies, their profitability, and overall market participation, which will then be presented to users for opportunities to programmatically copy any trades being placed.


This bot will be dedicated to copy trading, and provide a more unique interface to the one being developed through the Isaac telegram bot. Our hope is to provide dYdX users with different options, platforms, and interfaces for improving their trading strategies. By developing more bots, we hope to increase trading volumes and user onboarding.

The grantee is an active community member that we are hoping to elevate as an active contributor. The grant will be paid only retroactively once a fully functioning bot has been deployed and tested.

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