Dutch Speaking Content and Marketing

Funding amount


Start date

April 2024


6 months


Crypto-Insiders is the largest Dutch-Speaking crypto news and media outlet in the Netherlands by market share. This grant funds a 6 month marketing and media partnership for dYdX in the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking communities with the following deliverables:
  • Creation of a dedicated business page for dYdX on 
  • Creation of a dedicated review page to allow community members to highlight key aspects of the dYdX protocol on 
  • 1 long form article based on a transcription from an interview with a member of the dYdX foundation or trading team.
  • 6 sticky articles (1x per month) with prominent placement on the crypto-insiders website, consisting of a tutorial related to the release of the dYdX Chain.
  • 12 branded articles (2x per month) about dYdX released on the crypto-insiders website
  • 6 webpushes (1x per month) - Inclusion of a web push notification service for crypto-insider subscribers to accompany the monthly articles and content releases and enhance visibility.


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