dYdX MEV Dashboard Maintenance

Funding amount


Start date

November 2023


6 months


This grant funds the Skip team's ongoing work for the dYdX MEV dashboard, to monitor and analyze "Sovereign MEV" within the dYdX ecosystem. Created in collaboration with the dYdX research team, this dashboard will measure MEV through its proxy metric - "orderbook discrepancy". The underlying goal is to combat the negative aspects of MEV, such as atomic sandwich attacks, and to promote the benefits from benign MEV instances like arbitrage. Find more details about the dashboard’s purpose and utility here -


With dYdX v4 launching, it's critical that the community monitor and actively review validator activity for instances of MEV. Harmful MEV could mean the failure of dYdX v4 as a popular trading venue. Through this grant, Skip is supporting the community and eventual MEV committee to proactively police MEV activity done by malicious actors.

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