dYdX Range Monitoring and Alerting

Funding amount


Start date

March 2024


2 months



This grant funds Range to add support for the dYdX Chain in Range’s suite of security and risk infrastructure tools. The integration is composed of three core deliverables, each of which represents an integration with a separate component of Range’s product suite:
  • Monitoring and Alerting: Integration into the Range community platform, which allows any dYdX wallet holder to set alerts that will notify them in real-time of any action related to their wallets, such as liquidations, funds received, transactions failed, ibc transaction anomalies, CCTP relayer failure, etc. Notifications can be pushed to the user’s preferred channels (telegram, slack, etc).
  • IBC / CCTP analytics: Creation of customized IBC analytics that allow any community member to create real-time charts of IBC activity that can be filtered by channel, volume, or IBC peer. Also Integrates dYdX chain into USDC Trail to allow for USDC flows to be tracked to the dYdX chain.
  • Wallet Forensics: Integration into Range Trail, the first IBC fund flow tracking tool. Range Trail allows for tracing of funds through wallets on supported chains, even across IBC, which helps with forensic investigations and proof-of-funds requests for institutional parties.

The grant also includes 1-year of support and maintenance, including bug fixes and upgrades to stay up to date with any breaking changes to the dYdX Chain.


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