DYDX Regulatory Whitelisting in Japan

Funding amount


Start date

February 2024


6 months


In Japan, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the country’s leading regulatory body for all crypto related matters, is responsible for approving the listing of new tokens across all exchanges. Exchanges must first get approval from the FSA before they can add new markets. This can be a long and difficult process. This grant will fund an effort to gain whitelisting approval from the FSA for all exchanges in Japan to be permitted to list DYDX. As part of the grant, CoinTrade, the exchange leading the listing process, will also add support for DYDX trading and transfers on their exchange. We expect more to follow in response given the painful regulatory process will be done.


Adding support for dYdX Chain and the new DYDX token is an important mission for the Grants program. By incentivizing support, we hope to improve the adoption and growth of dYdX v4. Users will have more options to acquire and/or hold DYDX, and improve the onboarding ramps to the dYdX v4 protocol. Japan is an especially important market for the program. With this grant, we hope to pave the way for dYdX v4 adoption in Japan.

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