dYdX Trading Journal and Profile Application


Funding amount


Start date

December 2022


3 months



This grant will fund the building of an application that allows dYdX users to access their complete trade history with journaling, reporting, and tracking functions. The goal is to allow traders to track their PnL across multiple timeframes (e.g Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and journal their trade entries for historical referencing. Reporting will allow easier access to historical trades for external requirements (e.g. Taxes) and certifications. The Profile element will give users the ability to share their trading performance with other community members, including individual Trade Report Cards and an overall performance page with their accompanying Hedgie NFT (picture a Hedgie with Weekly/Monthly/YTD performance that can be shared publicly).


Community members have expressed lots of interest around a more customizable reporting and journaling tool that lets them better report PnL and log their trading activity. Additionally, we think adding a social element to trading by allowing users to showcase their performance through a shareable "Report Card" that has their Hedgies NFT as a profile could add an element of fun to community discussions.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion

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