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EpicDeFI Event Sponsorship


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Start date

May 2023


1 day


EpicWeb3 is Web3 focused conference taking place in Lisbon on July 5th. The event is bringing together speakers from different areas of the industry with tons of experience to discuss areas of development and growth. We are sponsoring the event to include dYdX branding across the event, but will also use the sponsorship as a means of sending active community members to the event. dYdX branding and marketing will be performed as part of the sponsorship, but the goal is primarily to give community members a chance to attend and speak. We have two community members attending the event to represent the dYdX community and learn from industry leaders.


In person events are a great way to meet new people and learn directly from industry leaders. By sponsoring this event, we are promoting dYdX and sending two active community members to participate in the discussions. These members will get an opportunity to learn from the best in the space, promote dYdX with discussions of the community and upcoming v4 migration, and engage with other members of the crypto ecosystem.

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100% upfront

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