German Community Engagement Campaign

Funding amount


Start date

March 2024


12 months


This grant sponsors BTC-Echo, the largest German media company by market share, to conduct a comprehensive content and community engagement campaign in the German market. The campaign will aim to direct traders from the German markets to engage with the v4 trading platform by focusing on trading and launch incentives, v4 protocol architecture, and educational content aimed at simplifying the process of onboarding capital to the chain.

During the 12 month engagement, BTC Echo must meet the following deliverables:

  • 16 sponsored articles
  • 50 social media posts across 5 platforms
  • Billboard ads on the BTC-Echo Website, total of 240,000 allowed clicks
  • Native ads on the BTC-Echo Website, total of 60,000 allowed clicks
  • 1 Youtube video review of the dYdX trading platform

dYdX Grants has the option to withdraw from the agreement after 6 months for any reason or no reason, or sooner if BTC-Echo fails to meet deliverables.


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