Isaac Telegram Trading Bot

Funding amount


Start date

May 2024


3 months


On Ethereum, telegram trading bots account for 5% of all trading activity from front-ends. On dYdX chain, this market is (as yet) relatively unexplored. Integrating with more telegram bot interfaces could open dYdX’s to an untapped audience and significantly increase trading activity.

Isaac is the largest telegram trading bot by volume and active users in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Currently, the bot only supports spot trading across spot markets on Neutron, Osmosis, Sei, and Injective.This grant would fund an integration with perps trading via dYdX. The initial launch will support trading for dYdX’s 3 largest markets (BTC, ETH, SOL), including limits, stops, and basic alerting functionality.

Subsequent milestones will allow for all markets to be traded, including support for new markets as soon as they are listed on dYdX. Finally, Isaac will allow for copy-trading, allowing for dYdX users to copy the trading strategies of dYdX’s most successful traders for themselves.


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