LATAM Community Initiative

Funding amount


Start date

April 2024


6 months


Espacio Cripto is a leading crypto community covering Latin America, focused on high-quality content, decentralization, and simplicity. Their growth is marked by a strong social media presence, newsletter, and 256 podcast episodes, accumulating over 300 hours of content and surpassing 115,000 downloads. Additionally, their research arm has collaborated with notable organizations like the Optimism Collective and Arbitrum DAO. This partnership will bolster dYdX in LATAM and position as the top choice in the region. Espacio Cripto will conduct in depth research and provide reporting on key attribution drivers to the exchange with an emphasis on WAU, fees, and volume.


  • Month 1: Foundation and initial engagementsome text
    • Market analysis: conduct the comprehensive analysis of the crypto derivatives market in LATAM, focusing on market size, distribution, and trends.some text
      • Emphasize initiatives that drive WAU, volume, and fees
      • Track attribution drivers to throughout the partnership¬†
    • User interviews: start interviews with retail and institutional traders to gather insights on user behavior, preferences, and pain points.
    • Information gathering: Collect additional data needed for report generation, content strategy, and educational material development.
    • Start host read ad and newsletter banner: Begin the design and initial deployment of dYdX host read ads in podcasts and banners in newsletters to start building awareness, this will run for the 6 months of the project.
  • Month 2: Research Refinement and Content Development Initiationsome text
    • Research refinement and report generation: refine research findings and publish the comprehensive report on the state of the crypto derivatives market in LATAM.
    • Content strategy creation: develop a content strategy based on user interview insights, defining key topics, formats, and distribution channels.
    • Syllabus creation: outline a detailed syllabus for the educational series, covering essential topics identified during the research phase.
    • Scripts/transcripts creation: start writing scripts and transcripts for the educational videos, ensuring alignment with the content strategy
    • Shoot first videos: begin production of the first set of educational videos.
  • Month 3: Video production and educational site developmentsome text
    • Finish shooting videos: complete the filming of all planned educational videos.
    • Video post-production: conduct post-production activities for the videos, including editing, color correction, and adding animations or graphics.
    • Produce different video formats: adapt the educational content into various formats suitable for platforms like TikTok (short format) and YouTube (long format).
    • Creation of the dYdX educational site by Espacio Cripto: Develop a dedicated website with an SEO focus to host the educational series and related resources.
    • Social media plan for distribution: Develop a comprehensive social media plan outlining the strategy for distributing the educational content.
  • Month 4: Launchsome text
    • Production of social media posts: create engaging social media posts to promote the educational series across various platforms.
    • Launch of the educational site: officially launch the dYdX educational site developed by Espacio Cripto, making the educational series accessible to the target audience.
    • Execution of launch event in Mexico: host a launch event in Mexico to introduce the educational series and engage with the community.
    • Start distribution on social media: Begin executing the social media distribution plan, leveraging the created posts and promotional materials.
  • Months 5 and 6: distribution and engagementsome text
    • Execution of distribution strategy in social media: continue implementing the distribution strategy across social media platforms, ensuring sustained engagement and reach for the educational content.


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