Layer3 Pilot Quest


Funding amount


Start date

December 2022


2 months



This grant will fund a trial of the Layer3 Quest campaign with two 1 month long quests that promote dYdX and help familiarize existing Layer3 users with the dYdX platform. Layer3 minimizes one-off users by restricting quests to committed permissioned layer3 users only. Quest 1 will ask users to deposit into dYdX, perform a trade, stake DYDX and follow dYdX on Twitter. Quest 2 will ask users to perform a leveraged trade. Users will receive 10 USDC per quest completed.


This is a different attempt at driving user adoption and awareness of the dYdX protocol through quest-type engagement. While we saw some success with similar campaigns, this trial will limit participation to high level Layer3 users with added incentives. We hope to see more success in permanent user adoption through this limitation.

Payment structure

50% upfront for Quest 1, 50% for Quest 2

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