LionHack 2023 Sponsorship


Funding amount


Start date

April 2023


3 days


LionDAO is hosting their annual hackathon in NY that brings together 300+ students to build projects in a three-day event. We are sponsoring the event to promote dYdX as a contributor-friendly protocol to engage active builders and future protocol contributors. We view this as a great opportunity to onboard new contributors, and Carl will attend the event as a judge to meet students actively building in person to talk about dYdX and dYdX Grants.


Onboarding the next generation of contributors is an important step to guaranteeing the longevity and growth of dYdX. By promoting dYdX as a contributor friendly protocol, with opportunities for students to play a role in shaping its future, the community can onboard a new set of active builders and thinkers.

Payment structure

100% upfront

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