Messari Quarterly Reports

Funding amount


Start date

February 2022


12 months


The grant will be used to fund four quarterly reports deep diving on dYdX analytics, metrics, valuations and more. The reports will be conducted by the Messary data science team to analyze key KPIs and provide updates around protocol developments. The reports will be freely available on the Messari page.


These reports will help raise awareness of dYdX growth and developments. Messari has established itself as the go-to for in depth reporting on protocols, having multiple reports on dYdX will capture a lot of readers.

Payment structure

25% per report (4 reports)

Useful Links

Impact & Metrics

Q1 Report Metrics:
~70,000 Newsletter Opens

~2,500 Views on Site

~70,000 Impressions on Twitter

~130 listeners on Q1 Analyst Call

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