Metagals Workshops (LATAM Women in DeFi)


Funding amount


Start date

October 2022


2 events


Metagals is a group started in Mexico City to improve participation of women in DeFi and Web3 across Latin America. This grant will sponsor two workshop events that will focus on teaching attendees about Perpetual Trading, Decentralized Exchanges and dYdX specific features. The workshops will go over onboarding to dYdX and go over the platform, community, and governance.


The goal is for these workshops to help expand the dYdX brand name and onboard new users across non-ordinary methods. By hosting workshops with participants less active with the space and perpetual trading, the goal is to make dYdX their home for DeFi activity by building brand trust and familiarity. As these members become more comfortable, they share experiences with their connections and continue to build the dYdX brand through word of mouth.

Payment structure

100% upfront for event costs

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