MEV Dashboard Maintenance and Infrastructure


Funding amount


Start date

July 2023


3 months


This is a follow-on grant to the previous Dashboard grant. As part of this grant, Skip will run between 5 to 10 custom geo-distributed dYdX nodes, modified to catch and measure specific MEV events for the existing MEV dashboard. The team will maintain the dashboard, with database services, uptime, and ongoing development. The grant will include submitting PRs and updating the dashboard as needed to continue measuring relevant MEV data.


MEV continues to be among the top issues for dYdX heading into v4. Efficiently measuring and tracking validator activity for possible MEV behavior will be the foundation of any mitigation strategy. Doing so requires advanced node deployment and ongoing maintenance of the dashboard, which Skip is well equipped to perform. We expect this grant to be a cornerstone for future MEV solutions.

Payment structure

$20,000 monthly

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