Mintscan: Advanced Feature Support

Funding amount


Start date

December 2023


12 months


This grant will fund the ongoing support of advanced dYdX functionality on the Mintscan explorer. Funding is split between a $100,000 retroactive payment rewarding Cosmostation for the work already completed and $240,000 for ongoing maintenance and additional feature support in the next twelve months. The retroactive payment includes six months of testnet support and building advanced features specific to dYdX including subaccounts, proposed operations, and clob pairs. Monthly payments will cover the costs of all the technical requirements and manpower needed to support the explorer along with any minor ad-hoc requests made by Trading, Foundation, or the community. Ongoing support includes running RPCs, a custom indexer, a replicated database, and monitoring tools, all of which will depend on Cosmostation manpower to maintain efficiently for the explorer to run smoothly. This includes both mainnet and testnet explorer support.


Mintscan is a second home for dYdX users, serving all the needs for monitoring, verifying, and cross referencing their activity. As the leading block explorer, the community benefits from dYdX specific features like sub-accounts for tracking trading activity and proposed operations to see executions. This grant will guarantee uptime and additional feature support in the next year.

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