Solana Price Feeds #1

Funding amount


Start date

May 2024


12 months


As part of the move from dYdX's in-protocol oracle mechanism to Slinky (Skip's high-performance oracle solution) this grant will fund four RPC providers to manage a cluster of dedicated Solana RPC nodes that will allow dYdX to access Solana price feeds.

Each RPC provider will manage two Solana RPC nodes, geo-located in Northern Asia, SouthEast Asia or Europe, and each RPC provider will provide a single “endpoint” for use by the validator set. These endpoints will have a number of safety measures in place to limit exposure and increase redundancy, such as rate limiting, filtering, and fail-overs.

While we're starting out with Solana, the objective is for this team to be the combined RPC provider for additional L1/L2 price requirements for Slinky.


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