VoteExtensions Development (Cosmos SDK)


Funding amount


Start date

April 2023


6 months


A top priority for dYdX v4 price oracles and liquidations is the development and release of VoteExtensions on the Cosmos SDK. VoteExtensions will allow validators to vote and agree on the oracle price at each block, enabling a more efficient price discovery and liquidation system for the protocol. Skip Protocol are experienced Cosmos developers that will prioritize the development of VoteExtensions to ensure release ahead of the dYdX mainnet. This will allow the integration and testing of VoteExtensions on dYdX v4 ahead of mainnet launch. This team will be working closely with the other grant in similar scope.


The grants program will leverage its funding to prioritize public good development that improves the dYdX protocol. By appointing teams to concentrate their efforts on specific dYdX priorities, we can ensure timely delivery and more efficient improvement of the dYdX protocol.

Payment structure

This is a time decaying grant. If the milestone is reached by the date outlined, the corresponding amount will be rewarded: July 31st or earlier: $30,000 August 30th: $25,000 September 31st: $10,000 After September 31st: $0

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