Building dYdX Automated Trading Bots from a Crypto Arbitrage Developer


dYdX Grants Team

We hosted a dYdX Grants sponsored webinar on Thursday 25 May where participants had the opportunity to learn from Shaun McDonogh. Shaun is the lead developer at Crypto Wizards, a quant trading education and tooling platform.

The webinar was organized by the dYdX Community Cauldron, a project funded through the dYdX Grants Program.

Shaun shared his expertise on the following topics during the recently concluded event:

  • Top rated and most effective trading bot strategies for traders
  • How to find objectively profitable arbitrage trades using search algorithms
  • The most useful indicator for trading bots that you cannot afford to ignore
  • How to get your arbitrage trade filled in DeFi, without alerting the competition
  • Top three risk management principles in trading automation

The webinar explored opportunities to gain an edge in trading markets and provided viewers with the knowledge to tackle new trading methods during the concluded event.

About the Lecturer

Shaun McDonogh is the Lead developer at Crypto Wizards, a quant trading education and tooling platform. He has been developing trading algorithms in crypto markets since 2017 and has a deep understanding of the market, tools and strategies. Shaun is passionate about helping traders develop an edge through arbitrage, machine learning and statistical based techniques.

About the dYdX Community Cauldron

The Community Cauldron is a project funded through the dYdX grants program. It is a space for the dYdX community to come together and share ideas, learn from each other, and build together. The Cauldron is open to everyone in the dYdX community, regardless of experience level.

The recorded event is available for you to watch here

dYdX Trading Bot

Webinar Questions & Gifts

Participants were invited to submit their questions through the YouTube link provided above, and Shaun answered them during the webinar! The best questions had the opportunity to win a dYdX cap.

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