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dYdX Grants Team

To apply, please complete the form here.

While we hope to see applications submitted with existing RFPs in mind, we are open to any projects or ideas that benefit the dYdX protocol and community. All applications will be considered and reviewed thoroughly by the Grants team to assess their potential value add to the community. Final reviews will be conducted by the Grants committee before moving forward with initial funding.

In terms of timeframes, expect the Grants lead to reach out within a week of applying to further discuss the proposal and iron out any kinks. Assuming all goes well, we’ll push for final reviews and approved funding within another week. Generally speaking, our goal is to have grants funded within 3 weeks.

Quick note for U.S. based applicants, we are working diligently on a solution to allow for DYDX payments that is expected within the coming months. We’ll provide regular updates as progress is made.

The team will be communicating general updates both real-time in the dydx-grants-program Discord channel and in more detailed weekly blog posts. We encourage anyone with questions or thoughts to direct them to the Discord Channel.

Looking forward to all your applications!

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