Risk Parameter Research for dYdX


dYdX Grants Team

As part of our AMA series, we like to share some background on grantees that have completed their projects to highlight their skills and promote future contributions to dYdX.

Background on 0xCLR

As someone who has been involved in derivatives trading since 2007, Craig's experience in the financial industry is vast and varied. He began his career as a market maker at a tier 1 bank, where he spent a decade honing his skills and building a deep understanding of the derivatives market. During this time, he gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the financial system and the ways in which the market functions.

A decade later, he transitioned to a Hedge Fund role. He spent three years working as a trader, using his expertise to make strategic investments and manage risk for the fund. During this time, he continued to develop his understanding of the market and ability to identify unique opportunities. 

Recently, his interest has shifted towards digitals assets and decentralized finance (DeFi). 

He became particularly interested in the potential of DeFi to disrupt traditional financial systems and create new opportunities for individuals and institutions alike. This led him to dYdX, where he is an active contributor to governance and an endorsed delegate. 

Craig has recently founded a DeFi risk management and research company called Considered Finance. The focus is on risk management and optimization, bringing collective team experiences in traditional finance and academia to DeFi.

dYdX Risk Parameters Analysis

To gain a complete understanding of the rationale and underlying details of the dYdX Risk Parameters Analysis, we recommend reading the full report. This will give you a deeper understanding of the methodology and how it can be applied to manage margin factions and other important parameters on dYdX. The report can be found here:

Proactive Management of dYdX Risk Parameters

Discussion about the dYdX Risk Parameters Analysis

If you're interested in discussing the research with Craig and the community, head over to this thread to share your thoughts: https://commonwealth.im/dydx/discussion/7991-how-to-set-the-margin-risk-parameters