v1.5 Extension Launch


dYdX Grants Team

The dYdX Grants program is open for business!

Following the successful proposal to extend the dYdX Grants program (DGP), we are now ready to re-launch the program and start processing grants!

To apply for a grant, head over to our application page here.

This extension includes a few big changes to the program. Below, we’ll explore all the changes performed and the processes added to improve coordination across the new contributors.


The Trust is now made up of the following members:


  • Felix Lutsch
  • Abra Tusz
  • Bora Nam
  • 0xCChan
  • Wintermute Trading, Ltd.

The instrument to update the Trustees can be found here (and lives on our FAQ page).


  • Cliffton Lee

The instrument to update the Enforcer can be found here (and lives on our FAQ page).

dYdX Grants Contributors

In addition to updating the members of the Trust, the extension includes two new roles with unique responsibilities.


The grantor will own the lifecycle of our grants, managing projects from the moment their applications are received to their final milestones. The responsibilities include:

  • Drafting RFPs
  • Screening, conducting diligence, interviewing, and negotiating with applicants in their category
  • Submitting grants for approval to Trustees
  • Engaging and monitoring the progress of approved grants
  • Confirming milestone accomplishments with the Operator and Trustees

The program will split its funding allocations between two buckets: Community Initiatives and Strategic Initiatives. Funding buckets will be managed by grantors to focus efforts on specific objectives. Each funding bucket will be allocated a set amount of funding by the Trustees based on the expected impact and objectives. The success of these buckets will be measured based on individual metrics and assessments relevant to the grants approved, some of which may mirror previous measurements.

a. Community Initiatives

This bucket will focus on projects that build the dYdX ecosystem, grow the brand, and onboard new protocol contributors.

Funding targets:

  • Events and workshops
  • Promotional and educational content
  • Tooling and technical resources
  • Analytics


  • Onboarding and incentivizing active contributors to the ecosystem
  • Fostering community engagement
  • Promoting the dYdX brand and ecosystem
  • Building useful tools and resources for protocol participants

Funding Allocation: 10%

The Grantors assigned to this bucket are:

  • RoboMcGobo
  • TBA (A new selection process will be announced on the forums)

b. Strategic Initiatives

This bucket will focus on larger scale projects that contribute to the development, growth, and improvement of the dYdX protocol. We will build on the demonstrated success in partnerships with professional contributors to deliver services and development to dYdX.

Funding targets:

  • Protocol research
  • Protocol development and technical contributions
  • Infrastructure and architecture support
  • Protocol integrations


  • Supporting the launch and maintenance of dYdX v4
  • Enabling the development and integration of new features
  • Onboarding professional service providers as contributors to the protocol
  • Researching new areas of improvement and development

Funding Allocation: 90%

The Grantor assigned to this bucket is:

  • Reverie Reserves, LLC


The Operator will be responsible for everything payments and financial reporting. The responsibilities include:

  • Financial reporting and tracking (e.g. balances, invoices)
  • Initiating payment batches to the Multi-sig on a scheduled basis
  • Updating all transparency dashboards
  • Publishing monthly reports and updates

The Operator is Lemma Solutions.


Given the new roles, the program is restructuring its process to work as follows:

  1. Grantors will screen applications, now categorized between Community and Strategic Initiatives through the application form. Screening includes application reviews, applicant interviews, budget negotiations, and milestone assignments.
  1. Once an application is ready for approval, the Grantor will include it in the next batch to be reviewed by the Trustees. Approval batches are processed on a monthly basis.
  1. At the end of every month, Trustees will review the batches submitted. After reviewing and discussing as needed, Trustees will vote on each grant submitted. Any grant that meets quorum (three votes or more) will be approved.
  1. Once approved, the Grantor will manage milestone deliverables and project assessment. Grantors will submit payment requests to the Operator based on milestone accomplishments.
  1. The Operator will compile all payment requests to submit a monthly payment batch for review and approval by the Trustees.
  1. Finally, all contributors will collaborate to publish monthly reports updating the community on their respective work and progress in the program. The Enforcer will review communications to make sure all appropriate disclosures and necessary information is being shared with the community.

Conflicts of Interest

Additionally, the program has adopted a formal Conflict of Interest policy that applies to all contributors. This policy will hold contributors accountable to strict disclosure of any and all conflicts involving their work with the DGP. The policy can be found here (and lives on our FAQ page).

We’re thrilled to start processing new grants under this new structure. Give us a shout on Discord if you have any questions or thoughts, and submit an application here!

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