Academy Article Designs


Funding amount


Start date

January 2023


2 weeks


Ahead our dYdX Academy launch, Anna will be designing 10 custom article headers to go along with the articles written for the initial release. The headers will be customized to leverage dYdX themes and assets with unique traits symbolizing the content described in the article. The designs will be consistent with the rest of our website to maintain a high level of quality across all components.


The Academy page is launching through grants as a community initiative to expand dYdX's presence and onboard new users through a friendly, engaging educational platform. Maintaining a high level of design quality improves our likelihood of success and adds a layer of stickiness to the product, users are drawn to that level of quality. These headers will play an important role in making our Academy the best in the space!

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion

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