Academy Media and Website Management


Funding amount


Start date

January 2023


6 months


James will take on the role of website management and social media engagement for the dYdX Academy throughout our initial launch period. For website management, the role includes regular maintenance and upkeep, updating content across written articles, videos, and quizzes, optimize the website for SEO to improve engagement, and more upgrades as we look to expand (e.g. token gated content). On social media, the role will be crucial to the success of our Academy by engaging crypto twitter actively with regular content distributions, community and online engagement, hosting online events, collaborating with other accounts, and more to drive our media presence.


Having committed to the dYdX Academy, the Grants team is now focused on ensuring its continued success and maintenance to drive further impact and community engagement. The goal is make dYdX Academy a leading source of content and educational engagement across the crypto space, competing with other well known Academy spaces. By tasking a committed community member to regular maintenance and media outreach, we are maximizing our likelihood of success and growth.

Payment structure

$4,000 Monthly

Useful Links

Impact & Metrics

KPIs for this role include:

Month 1: 2,500 Twitter followers, 1 Twitter Space hosted, +20 Posts

Month 2: 5,000 Twitter followers, 2 Twitter Spaces hosted, +20 Posts
Month 3: 10,000 Twitter followers, 2 Twitter Spaces hosted, +20 Posts
Month 4 - 6: TBD based on results