Academy Page POAPs


Funding amount


Start date

October 2022


6 months


Grant will fund the creation, distribution, and general management of POAPs to be implemented as rewards for Academy Page interactions. Users will receive POAPs for completing specific goals and milestones as part of the Academy program. We expect 9 unique POAPs to be created and distributed to 25,000 unique users as part of the grant.


To further grow the Academy Page initiative, the team is adding incentivized functionality through POAPs to enhance gamification and participation of the Academy. The steps will ask users to onboard and participate in different dYdX related functions to earn POAPs after completing learning sessions. The idea is to incentivize learning and participation in dYdX to grow users and community members.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 25% at POAP creation, 50% at POAP completion

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