Academy Page Website Manager


Funding amount


Start date

August 2022


5 months


This grant will fund the building and management of a customized dYdX Academy Page as part of the larger Academy Page Project through the Grants program. The Grantee has experience building the existing Ambassadors website, and will use this knowledge to build a similar dYdX brand page to host all Academy efforts. The goal is to build an easy-to-use, intuitive website with interactive components and dYdX branding that helps onboard new users. On top of onboarding new users, the dYdX Academy website should become the go-to for knowledge on trading and crypto.


The website is our first goal towards accomplishing the Academy Page Project outlined here. An intuitive website is most important to ensure all new users, and existing members eager to learn new things, gain valuable insight from the Academy page. By adopting a simple but powerful UI/UX, the Academy page will be an extension to the dYdX brand found in the exchange today. The goal is to deliver a highly impactful website that drivers user onboarding and education.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion of the website

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