Cosmos Validator Watcher

Funding amount


Start date

February 2024


Retro + 3 months



This is a grant to the Kiln Validator team for supporting the dYdX chain in their Cosmos Validator Watcher plugin. The Validator Watcher operates as a Prometheus exporter and brings real-time monitoring of any Cosmos-based blockchains. Using this tool, validators can access features like:‍
  • Block Monitoring: Tracks missed blocks by validators (with an option to ignore blocks missed by a large portion of other validators)
  • Signature Stats: Shows the count of missed signatures per block.
  • Validator Status Updates: Monitors the current validator set, including bonded or jailed status.
  • Staking Data: Reports on total staked amounts and minimum seat prices.
  • Proposal Participation: Tracks validator votes on pending proposals and proposal timelines.
  • Upgrade Notifications: Provides information on upcoming blockchain upgrades and related proposals.

The grant is partially retroactive to reflect the work done so far on extending support for the tool to the dYdX chain. Additionally, DGP will fund improvements to the tool such that it returns additional data that is important to monitoring node performance specific to the dYdX chain.


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