dYdX Merchandise Campaign


Funding amount


Start date

August 2022


6 months


Grant will fund the production of dYdX themed merchandise to be sold online at cost for community members, distributed as giveaways during events and conferences, and used for promotional campaigns. The merchandise will include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, unique dYdX accessories, and lots of other products. Merchandise produced will also include Hedgies specific items, which will be tokengated to Hedgies holders only for exclusivity. No profits are generated from the merchandise, any sales are done at cost so that community members buy at the price of production only. The Merchandise will be produced in two drops, Drop #1 in 3 months and Drop #2 in 6 months, and will make use of a custom webstore built through another grant.


The dYdX Merchandise Campaign will give the protocol an opportunity to further expand the dYdX brand name beyond online presence and trading circles. By having high quality merchandise that can be distributed at events and used for promotional campaigns, we hope the make the dYdX logo and name even more familiar to everyone in crypto.

Community members will also have the opportunity to buy merchandise from their favorite protocol, and it can be used for community initiatives and rewards (similar to POAPs).

Overall, this is a growth effort to help push the brand name forward in creative ways beyond the regular marketing strategies of online presence.

Payment structure

$70,000 upfront to cover costs of production, $55,000 at month 4 once Drop #1 is accomplished.

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Impact & Metrics

If the Merchandise team can exceed 50% turnover within 3 months of Drop 1, and the community is in favor of continuing, the Grants team will issue another 6 months of merchandise to keep the effort growing.