dYdX Research and Localization Grant (Korean)

Funding amount


Start date

November 2023


1 month


dYdX’s transition to the Cosmos stack with the v4 chain will be accompanied by a number of significant changes in the protocol’s infrastructure. There’s currently an education gap in what these changes will entail, as most dYdX users are unfamiliar with the Cosmos SDK. This education gap is particularly prevalent in countries in Asia, which include some of dYdX’s largest markets. This grant aims to decrease that education gap amongst dYdX users by funding the Four Pillars Research team to prepare a comprehensive research report on the dYdX v4 chain. The report will cover the infrastructure changes that will accompany the shift to the Cosmos SDK including the new order-matching engine, validator infrastructure, and more. The report will be published in both English and Korean, and will be made available for free to the public on Four Pillars’ website at


A potential roadblock to the transition to the v4 chain is a lack of awareness of the new infrastructure underpinning the protocol and the benefits that this transition brings. Many statements have been made with respect to the decentralization of the v4 protocol, but few understand this topic in detail. The goal of this grant is to ensure that potential dYdX users have a clear resource explaining how the v4 chain works, to reduce confusion surrounding the migration to dYdX v4, and to increase awareness of the migration in the Korean community, which has a significant audience of high frequency traders.

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