Financial Intelligence Reporting

Funding amount


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November 2023


6 months



The Considered Finance team has an exceptional history in providing transparency reports on the dYdX DAO each epoch. They are a repeat grantee that has consistently provided valuable transparency data to the dYdX community. As such, we will seek to provide funding for 6 of these reports beginning with epoch 27 and ending with epoch 32 (Feb 2024). These reports will contain full financial statements, runway analysis, trading volumes vs major drivers (volatility and rewards), and other major exchange metrics. The principle is to clearly dashboard the current state of finances as well as provide the data to evaluate financial decisions on a retrospective basis. Here is an example of the most recent report:


These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the state of dYdX’s finances. The goal of this grant is to empower all stakeholders with the knowledge to make and evaluate decisions involving the dYdX treasury. Accurate financial reporting is key in ensuring that reasoned decisions are made by dYdX governance with respect to the treasury.

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