DYDX Token Design & Protocol Parameters Research

Funding amount


Start date

August 2022


6 months


Grant will fund two Research papers and subsequent community proposals, Token Design for V4 Migration & Protocol Parameter Migration. Similar to the work previously done for Trading Rewards, the goal is to produce two in-depth research papers that can be used to guide the community through governance proposals to implement changes. The first paper will address the upcoming community responsibility for token migration to the new chain. The second paper will address all parameters existing on today's protocol that may or may not need to be changed and implemented for the new chain. Both papers will provide in-depth insight and be followed with governance proposals based on the lessons learned.


With the upcoming migration, the community will be responsible for a number of decisions to migrate existing dYdX protocol elements to the new chain. These decisions should not be taken lightly, nor should they be performed without in-depth analysis of all components and outcomes. These papers will provide the community with adequate information and context to make formal decisions in shaping the future of dYdX, by addressing important elements such as the DYDX token and protocol parameters.

Payment structure

$30,000 upfront, $60,000 at completion of the paper, $35,000 at governance proposals voting

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