Korean Speaking Community Manager

Funding amount


Start date

March 2024


3 months


The dYdX ecosystem boasts multiple international community managers who help develop and nurture communities in their respective regions. Jihoon Yi is experienced in Web3 community management and business development. Jihoon natively speaks Korean and has full professional fluency in English and Japanese. The Korean speaking community manager will oversee growth in the region, facilitating two dYdX Korean Telegram channels, developing unique content, organizing monthly community calls with KOLs from Korean trading communities, analyze and report on key topics, and provide concise reporting to the dYdX Ecosystem Development Program.


  • Initiate and oversee two dYdX Korean Telegram channels. One is for announcements based on Korean translations of all new content from @dydxfoundation and @dYdX Twitter accounts. The other one is for users to ask questions about dYdX and respond to them in Korean. 
  • Develop unique content for dissemination once per week, in consultation with dYdX Ecosystem Development Program.
  • Using a template that dYdX Ecosystem Development Program prepares, compiles, and maintains a Google spreadsheet that catalogs Korean trading communities and individual traders, ensuring it is regularly updated.
  • Organize monthly community calls (AMA) with KOLs from the Korean trading communities and a dYdX community member, facilitating translation services from his/her English to Korean.
  • Using a template that the dYdX Ecosystem Development Program prepares, submit weekly reports to the dYdX Ecosystem Development Program, highlighting rival DEX/CEX related trending topics within the Korean crypto trading community and discussions related to dYdX. These reports should be concise, limited to one page, and include relevant links and screenshots.


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