Launch Incentives Program Administration

Funding amount


Start date

November 2023


8 months


This is a grant to the Chaos Labs team to design and administer the dYdX Launch Incentives Program. The dYdX community has already approved the allocation of $20M in DYDX From the dYdX Chain Community Treasury for this initiative via a Snapshot vote. The Chaos Labs team will design the launch incentives distribution framework with community feedback and build a public-facing portal to be utilized by the community. The portal will be an all-encompassing data hub for v4, allowing for complete transparency across all markets and aggregating top-level data. When trading is live on dYdX v4, Chaos will conduct a thorough trading season analysis for each epoch, prepare transparency reports, and make recommendations for incentives distributions according to the incentives distribution framework. These recommendations will be decided upon by dYdX governance before rewards are distributed to traders.


dYdX v4 introduces only minimal rewards in the form of fee rebates for traders. Given the importance of a successful launch, this grant will fund the implementation of an additional incentives program that rewards users for adopting the new protocol. Chaos will play an important role in contributing to the success of dYdX v4 adoption.

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