Merchandise Webstore + Branding

Funding amount:


Grant will fund the building of an online webstore for the ongoing dYdX Merchandise Campaign, along with customized branding and designs for marketing purposes. The webstore is set to include web3 utilities, including tokengating for DYDX and Hedgie holder specific drops and wallet connections. Grant also includes a 3 month post-completion retainer to monitor progress and add new features.


As part of the ongoing Merchandise Campaign to launch dYdX apparel and merch, this grant will fund the webstore used to host all Merchandise related activity. Building an interactive website, with token gating and whitelisted drops, will help the dYdX brand stand out from existing merchandise attempts seen across different protocols. A high impact website will continue to drive dYdX branding and user engagement forward while building on top of the existing UI/UX strength of the dYdX product.


5 months

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion of site

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