MEV Dashboard and Report


Funding amount


Start date

January 2023


5 months


Skip Protocol will be leading efforts to capture and measure MEV events on dYdX v4 with a public dashboard available to the community. The dashboard will enable data gathering to track MEV across validators and protocol actors (e.g. Market Makers) to better enforce guardrails and possibly penalties on dYdX participants, namely validators. The dashboard will also allow the community to begin scoping out a future MEV solution that addresses all negatives events witnessed. In addition to the dashboard, Skip will be working on a report that covers the perspective of existing searchers looking at dYdX as a new venue for MEV.


As we get closer to the launch of v4, questions and concerns continue to loom around the impact of MEV on the new chain and v4 experience. To ready ourselves for the migration, Skip protocol will be preparing this dashboard ahead of launch so that events can be captured and measured by the community. While it may not prevent the events from happening, it does enable a type of social accountability and enforcement that improves accountability on behalf of protocol actors. The dashboard will play an important role in helping the community analyze participant behaviors, and develop a future solution to address negative events.

Payment structure

25% upfront, 75% at completion

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