Observatory Support

Funding amount


Start date

November 2023


12 months


This grant will fund the deployment and support of a dYdX Chain instance on the Observatory dashboard. Observatory is used to monitor the health of Cosmos protocols and their validator sets. Given dYdX’s migration to Cosmos, there are a few concerns regarding validators specifically, including: Will dYdX include U.S. based validators? Will validators converge in Japan to minimize latency with other exchanges and internal servers? Will validators use the same ISPs? Will validators deploying outside of the co-location region (e.g. Japan) be at a significant disadvantage? This dashboard will help the community answer these questions with in-depth data on both the chain and validator set. The grant will fund 12 month support for nodes, maintenance, and ongoing testing to ensure accurate and relevant data is presented.


We're already seeing possible issues with voting power centralization on dYdX v4. It's important that the community proactively monitor and assess the active validator set to make sure the protocol remains healthy and decentralized. Through this grant, RockawayX aggregate all the data needed for a staker to decide where best to deploy their tokens.

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