Validator Tools

Funding amount


Start date

December 2023


6 months


This is a grant to the Silk Nodes Validator team to build and maintain their Validator Tools alerting system and discord bot for dYdX. Validator Tools is a comprehensive suite of products and services aimed at improving the quality of life for validators and users of the v4 chain. These tools include validator alerts, chain snapshots, node setup and upgrade guides, governance proposal alerts, and more. Validators can join the dYdX discord (or add the bot to their own server) to receive custom alerts on their own uptime status, ensuring that they are immediately alerted in the event that their node goes down. The tool also informs validators of impending upgrades, minimizing chain downtime during an upgrade. Approximately 33% of dYdX validators have enabled alerts already. The grant is inclusive of a retroactive grant for setup, testing, and initial maintenance of the bot in the dYdX discord during the month of October, as well as a recurring grant for 5 months of forward-looking maintenance through the end of March, 2024.


Validator alerting and monitoring tools are a high priority for dYdX with the launch of v4. Time to consensus is of paramount importance to dYdX, as chain latency can lead to a suboptimal trading experience for dYdX users. Having a well-informed and prepared validator set can reduce instances of node downtimes that increase time to consensus and chain latency. This grant is aimed at minimizing validator downtime and ensuring a more engaged and sophisticated set of decentralized node operators on the v4 chain.

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