Round 15 of Approvals


dYdX Grants Team

Excited to share the latest round of approvals by the committee! This round has 3 grants approved for a total funding amount of $135,000. As always, you can find more information on each grant shared below.

Although this round is slightly smaller in grant quantity, we are very excited with the Academy Page Design work being funded to Anna, the designer of our beloved Hedgies! Using Anna's expertise will guarantee a high quality of design consistent with existing dYdX websites.

Xenophon Labs was funded retroactively for all the work done to improve the Staking modules, including the research and data models. This technical research led to the successful sunsetting of the Liquidity Module, saving the community millions in unnecessary emissions, and may result in additional savings from the Safety Module.

The Accelerator program is another exciting opportunity to expand dYdX internationally across the Indian crypto community.