dYdX Merch Renewal


Funding amount

Existing Funding

Start date

March 2023


6 months


After successfully launching the dYdX Merch program, we are renewing the the program for an additional six months using the remaining funds on hand from the previous round. The funds will compensate the Toyoji team for resupplying stock, processing orders from internal partners (Foundation, Trading, Grants, Community) and online purchases, and maintaining Merch media accounts. The primary mission of the Merch program has transitioned to internal incentive driven, helping promote engagement and contributions through merchandise rewards.


We are leveraging the high quality merch program to engage contributors, promote dYdX at events, and reward community members. Merchandise (e.g. bundle of t shirts, hoodies, and caps) is a great tool for rewarding and engaging contributors in the space. Through the use of coupon codes, winners and partners can use the website to pick their merch and complete shipping requirements.

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