dYdX Merch Renewal


Funding amount


Start date

November 2023


6 months


Over the last six months, the dYdX merch program has been highly successful at engaging contributors, promoting dYdX at events, and rewarding community members. As such, we’ll be renewing the merch program for another six months. This is inclusive of a retroactive grant of compensation for the month of October, during which the Toyoji team continued to run the merch program without pay. This new iteration of the merch program will seek to increase community involvement in the merchandise selection process. New items of merchandise will be voted upon by the community before being released.


Merchandise (e.g. bundle of t-shirts, hoodies, and caps) is a great tool for rewarding and engaging contributors in the space. Through the use of coupon codes, winners and partners can use the website to pick their merch and complete shipping requirements. As DAO contributors become increasingly important to the dYdX v4 decentralization vision, so too does a mechanism for rewarding these contributors. The merch program will continue to be a valuable mechanism by which to accomplish this.

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