Round 16


dYdX Grants Team

The latest round of funding has been approved by the Grants committee! This round has 5 grants approved for a total funding amount of $28,500. As always, you can find more information on each grant shared below.

We are super excited to push forward with our International Growth budget through a variety of events across very active Crypto communities. These events, workshops, and videos are aimed at raising brand awareness for dYdX and pushing forward protocol adoption across different communities. The Layer3 trial is also an attempt at building on the hands-on, interactive approach to user growth.

On the community side, the Karma team will be building an awesome dashboard for contributors to measure their scores based on participation in the protocol and dYdX community. While this initial dashboard should already further incentivize community engagement, we also hope to leverage the scoring for additional participation programs in the future!

Have a great weekend!

Funded grants