Round 19 of Approvals


dYdX Grants Team

We're happy to share the latest round of funding approved! This round we have six grants approved for a total funding of $116,800. As always, more information can be found on each grant through their pages linked below.

We're thrilled to be onboarding Skip Protocol and Chorus One as contributors to the dYdX community. These two teams have been leaders and experts in the MEV space, especially in Cosmos chains, and we have no doubt their impact on unraveling dYdX MEV will be groundbreaking. MEV continues to loom over users looking ahead to the new chain, the goal of these grants is to begin answering questions and work towards measuring future MEV events to address these concerns.

On the Academy grants, we're nearing launch date of our dYdX Academy page and are now focusing our attention towards final touches and maintenance post-launch. We can't wait to show the community what everyone has been building. Stay tuned for more!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Funded grants